(Professional Wellness)


SWP represents leadership in the sacred woman. Upon completing the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage and Holistic movement. Women are able to attend this seasonal Sacred Woman advanced training offered to equip future leaders in the wellness movement.

Host SW sister circlets unify women from various walks of life.

Offer SW one on one consultations/coaching sessions to aid women in experiencing a holistic recovery to body, mind, and spirit. SWP are able to transform women within their own home through offering spiritual baths to help women to release trauma as well as offer Sacred Women house blessings cleanse the chap out of the home.

SWP offer Introductory holistic gateway energy reading over the phone, at expos, retreats, etc. SWP shares tools and keys on how to heal thyself. SWP are trained to set up a kiosk for the SW mentees to purchase the heal thyself wellness products, books, and charts.


SWP are examples of wellness . They have internalized the SW gateways as a healing palm for women’s empowerment. They are ambassadors of the sw movement who offer hands on and hands and around each woman that is in need. Attend group private sessions in person and online meetings .


The training is a 12 week program given by queen afua. The founder & spiritual guide of the global SW movement. The training covers a 7 Part teaching in addition to Independently hosting Sacred Woman:

Sister Circles

Private Consultations and Coaching

Spiritual Baths

Spiritual House Blessings

One on One 10 minute Tune-Up

Learn how to Present to Students the Heal thyself Kiosk

Learn how to present sacred woman students products from spiritual boutique

Learn how to prepare cleansing, clay and breathe of life formulas from green life nutrition formulas to the master formulas.

SWP will receive an amethyst pendulum and a set of 12 SW prayer cards. SWP Internship: SWP are to offer the new incoming Sacred Woman in the making mentorship during their semester as a requirement for certification. This internship gives SWP an opportunity to master the teachings and be an effective guide for women to blossom from death to resurrection.


Tech Q & A:

Wed, June 30th or Wed, July 7th - 5pm-6pm PST / 8pm-9pm EST


Fri, July 2nd or Sat, July 3rd (Date & Time TBD)


Sat, July 10th & Sun, July 11th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST

Sat, July 17th & Sun, July 18th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST

Sat, July 24th & Sun, July 25th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST

Sat, August 7th & Sun, August 8th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST


Mon, August 9th: (Time TBD)

Mentor Skill Strengthening Program (Led by the Mentor Coaches)

Sunday, Aug 22nd: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST

Sunday Aug 29th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST

Sunday, September 12th: 6am - 9am PST / 9am - 12pm EST



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