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Sacred Woman is a 12-week rites of passage program designed to empower women,

with practical tools for holistic well- being, rooted in ancient African cultural teachings

Training includes; Workshops Training Manual Sacred Woman Scroll Sacred Women Journal and Maat Feather of Harmony Learn & Live 12 Gateways of Afrikan Natural Lifestyle & Holistic Medicine for Total Transformation.

Learn to become a holistically balanced , fortified and energized woman by implementing an African Natural Lifestyle to your daily routine.

Greetings Beloved,

I’m so excited that you’re interested in Sacred Woman! We have an amazing, transformative experience prepared for you.

During this in-depth 12 week journey, you'll learn how to awaken the healer within through the 12 gateways as seen in my international bestseller, Sacred Woman and connect with a community of women who are just like you.

We will go deep with you and bring out all that you are.

Queen Afua

Based on the best selling book, Sacred Woman, this 12-Week Rites Of Passage Program is designed to empower women of all walks of life, with practical tools for holistic well-being rooted in ancient African cultural teachings.

You will receive access to secure portal with orientation materials, informational handouts and weekly worksheets.

You will have access to a community of Sacred Women from around the world, who you’ll be able to connect with, share resources and support each other along your journey.

You’ll be assigned a two mentors who will be there throughout your journey to provide accountability, tutelage and ongoing support.

You’ll also receive discounts on detox kits, formulas and other products from the Queen Afua Wellness Store.

The program curriculum will be taught from April 11th - July 25th 2021

There will be 12 Sunday workshops taught by Queen Afua via Zoom.

There will also be a bonus 12 Thursday workshops with master teachers via Zoom.

The replays from Sundays & Thursdays classes will be available on demand inside of the program portal.

The program culminates with Ascension™, a three day gathering of Sacred Woman from around the world who converge to welcome reconnect, recommit to the path and welcome in you, the Sacred Women In The Making (SWIM) into the Global Sacred Woman Village.

During this three day gathering there will be a welcome dinner, spa day, ocean purification, healing performances, graduation ceremony, Sacred Woman Marketplace™ and opportunities to interact and bond with Queen Afua, Queen Esther, The Muts and the Sacred Woman Alumnae.

(Attendance at Ascension Weekend is recommended by not mandatory)



Learn the holistic science of:

Herbs, Clay, Foods, Colors, Music, Flower Essences, Affirmations, Spiritual Baths, Meditations, Yoga, Dance, Words Of Power and Spiritual Sacred Woman Anatomical Gateways. Food As Medicine, Movement As Medicine, Male/Female Relationships, Beauty As Medicine, Purpose As Medicine; which help women to come out of the mind frame to evolve and blossom into whole vibrant women.


This program is for women from all ethnic backgrounds, spiritual paths and walks of life.


April 11th - July 25th 2021



10% discount available if purchased in full ($1080)

Payment plans are also available on registration

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