(Personal Wellness, Level 2)

What is Sacred Womb Awaken?

Sacred Womb Awaken™ is a 2-day virtual experience where you will learn holistic methods for healing from fibroids, STDs, heavy bleeding, trauma and other womb issues.

Through 7 Blossom State of Womb Wellness teachings, women are introduced to the power of the womb, principles of common ground, and becoming apart of the movement of birthing a new world through womb purification and detoxification.

Women will learn how to gather nature's tools for transformation, healing the heart of the womb, and awakening the voice of the womb.

You will be introduced how to go within for inner guidance, to birthing your purpose through womb awakening and learning to reach out to family and sister-friends to help them to heal themselves.

In This Online Course You Will Learn How To Heal:

● Reoccurring fibroid tumors

● Cystic uterus and breasts

● Chronic womb pain

● Heavy menstrual bleeding

● Menopausal Stress

● Wounded relationships

● Infertility challenges

● Various STDs

● Trauma from Underground Sex Trafficking

● Female Mutilation

● Family incest and Toxic DNA attachment.

*Bring a Journal to record and reflect on your inner self-discovery.


Saturday, June 19th, 2pm - 5pm PST / 5pm - 8pm EST

Sunday, June 20th, 2pm PST / 5pm - 8pm EST

COST: $125 (Early bird 15% discount)

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