(Personal Wellness, Level 2)

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Womb Yoga Dance™ (WYD) Class introduces women to 69 Womb Yoga poses to stretch, strengthen, fortify their womb. In this class, women are aided into releasing tension, trauma, and stress from their womb, mind and heart, and uterus.

This class also incorporates 39 Womb Yoga Dance™ movements to balance and harmonize the left brain and body of a woman. Thereby balancing the emotional and physical body.

One will learn a total of 108 movements to help transform women from womb pain to womb peace.

Restoring balance and aiding in eliminating things such as:

• Chronic PMS

• Fibroids

• Vagina discharge

• Endometriosis

• Infertility challenges through each pose and movement


For lovers of wellness and those seeking healing of the womb, come and immerse yourself in the ancient spiritual, philosophical and meditative womb yoga system taught by holistic health practitioner and wellness veteran Queen Afua.

WHEN: May 15th , 2021 | 4 p.m. PST/ 7p.m. EST

COST: $99

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